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The restaurant design incorporates the history of the building and the community. The redwood walls are the originals found underneath the façade of the building. The stable wood bar is constructed from materials found during construction dating back to the corner’s roots as a stable/garage. The design and concept pay homage to the history of Divisadero and it’s close association with the Presidio. 


The inspiration for adopting Presidio as our namesake reflects the history of the community, and our appreciation for what the Presidio represents. The Presidio was a Spanish fort settled in 1776. It originally extended to Divisadero, and was a significant influence in the local community. Much of the development of the Presidio, at least as it related to US influence, happened around 1862 (our address). 

Today, the Presidio is a San Francisco icon that is reserved for the community, dedicated to conservation, and a stable presence from bay to breakers. It is our hope that Presidio Pizza Company will adopt a similar footprint in our community.


Our goal at the Presidio Pizza Company is to provide a warm and welcoming environment, where the Divisadero community can congregate to enjoy quality food and wine, and neighborhood hospitality!


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